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Dream jobs based on your non-strengths

There are more tests designed by DWP as @SKWalker1964 reports. I filled out the “personal style” test. Some questions left me stumped: to what extent to you find yourself looking at numbers to understand a problem? Eh?

Oh no! My nails are too long. Five times six. Factorial of eight. Delta is negative. I will have to walk the neighbour’s dog.

Or how often do you think up clever ideas – what do they mean by that? What clever ideas anyone comes up with in their daily lives? It reminded me of Blackadder’s cunning plans.

Anyway, after I answered all the questions, it just told me to go back to the main assessment page. I later realised that I have to generate a report but it was too late as my session has timed out. So much for my IT competency.

I decided to do the “skills areas” instead to help me identify activities I am good at. There were loads of questions. Some of them I couldn’t really answer truthfully. For instance: put the following statements in order starting with your strongest skill:

  • I am comfortable in situations where I have to make a decision
  • I am quick to see when I need to help team member
  • I get on well with all types of people

My answer is none of the above – I do not get on with people, have trouble making decisions and usually concentrate on my own work and not on how others are doing. I gave it my best shot and was actually pleasantly surprised by the results. It correctly identified my skills: analysing and problem solving, technology and planning.

It then went on to identify possible job families for me: science and research, environmental services and maintenance and repair (I knew it! – I do fix things but only because I cannot afford new ones – it’s nothing to do with my skills or being green). The problem is that these jobs utilise skills I have in short supply as confirmed by the test:

  • working well with others
  • being clear in communication and convincing others, and
  • adapting to change and challenges

I struggle to understand the point of identifying my strengths if they disregard them when it comes to job recommendations. I have no qualifications to do any of the jobs suggested. I would probably not enjoy any of them as they are not what I am good at. Perhaps that’s how they allocate portfolios to the ministers. That would explain why our country is in such shambles.


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