Tesco puts the foot in again and again

My Facebook newsfeed today showed a sponsored message from Tesco: “for every ‘baby’ comment on this post, we’ll also donate 1 vaccine.” Unfortunately, it is not a like-harvesting spam but a genuine action.

tesco vaccine

Quite a few people complained about it and Tesco replied:

We are running the campaign alongside Pamper’s in order to support this worthwhile cause. I’m sorry to hear your comments regarding this and if it has caused any offence, I can assure you this was not our intention.

The good news is that by now about 2800 babies will be vaccinated. It must make those commenting feel so powerful – a few keystrokes and you potentially save a life somewhere in a poor country.

Those 2800 comments/vaccines will cost Tesco less than £124*. It probably cost more to put the sponsored message all over Facebook. Not to mention the value of perfectly good food Tesco throws out every single day because of an arbitrary best before date.

The level of cynicism of the Tesco marketing team can only be rivalled by the fact that some of the meat you buy there is halal although not labelled as such. While I respect everyone’s right to religious beliefs, I also would like to retain my freedom of choice.

It turns out that some customers do not want too much information on the packaging and that’s why Tesco decided to ignore the contentious issue of halal meat. According to a member of their staff, eg all New Zealand lamb is halal. Forcing halal meat on someone who cares about welfare of animals is, in my opinion, as bad as offering a Muslim or a Jew a few nice sausages which turn out to be pork.

That’s the third scandal involving Tesco and meat this year – first they fed us horsemeat and then falsely claimed that all their beef was sourced in Britain. Each time, everything was blamed on the suppliers. With Tesco’s global purchasing power, I believe it would not be too hard to encourage their New Zealand partners to slaughter their lambs in the way majority of the British public favour. Else, just stick a label on.

*small print on Tesco website:  “For each Pampers pack with the UNICEF logo purchased in Tesco between 17/09/13 and 14/10/13 Procter & Gamble will donate 8.8p of the sale price and Tesco will donate 4.4p of the sale price to support UNICEF in the fight against newborn tetanus. This amount equals for example the cost of three tetanus vaccines.”