Britain 2013

These are some interesting quotes from the past:

“He walks the street as his stomach growls, perhaps pawns or sells his last possessions. His clothes become fewer in number and worse in condition, which drags down his appearance. Soon he finds himself in surroundings that corrupt him not only physically, but spiritually. If he then becomes homeless in winter, his suffering becomes even more intense.”

“I discovered something else as well—quickly switching between periods of work and unemployment along with the see-sawing of income and expenses eventually destroyed many people’s sense of thrift and intelligent planning. The body becomes accustomed to living high in good times and starving in bad. They no longer make any effort to plan sensibly in good times, for the bad times they know will come. Indifference surrounds its victim with a mirage which makes them see only well-fed prosperity, regardless of their true circumstances.”

“We now have an otherwise hard-working man whose attitude toward life grows slack and gradually matures him into a tool of those unions who will merely use him to gain their own advantage. He has so frequently switched between working and non-working through no fault of his own that he no longer notices whether the strike in which he takes part will secure him any economic rights or whether it is an attempt to destroy the State, the whole social order, and even civilization itself.”

And finally:

“I was forced by need and hard reality to make a quick decision. My father was a man of small means, and what he had saved was largely used up by my mother’s grave illness. My orphan’s pension was not nearly enough to live on. I was compelled to earn my own bread somehow. With a bag of clothes in my hand and an inextinguishable will in my heart, I set off for Vienna. What my father had accomplished fifty years before I hoped to also wrestle from fate. I, too, would be “something important”, but never an official.”

All these excerpts are from Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. What a sad place we are in that the arguably most evil being in recorded history had more understanding and compassion towards us than our 21st century government. Is it any wonder Hitler became so popular in his time? We do not have to repeat history – we can learn from it.