Budget menu – corn fritters review

Another recipe we tried from the Great British Budget Menu is sweetcorn fritters. We never had any bacon so had to do without and we decided to save our last two tomatoes for cheese sandwiches later in the week so the meal looked a bit sad – just six fritters each. Our chilli plants gave fruit though (still green) so we used that instead of dry chilli flakes. Also, possibly because there was no bacon, we had to use more oil.

The dish was really quick to make. We decided to mix the flour into the milk-egg mixture before adding sweetcorn to prevent lumps from forming and it was the right way to go about it. The dough was much thicker than pancake batter (another scary moment).

John Torode's sweetcorn fritters.

John Torode’s sweetcorn fritters.

Well, the recipe proved so popular, we have already made it twice. The second time we used a mix of peas and sweetcorn and are planning to add caramelised onions next time. A dash of smoked paprika goes a long way to liven up the batter.

They are quick and easy to make so we have’t tried making a double portion for freezing or leftovers. Minimum fuss with washing up: two bowls and one frying pan.

As for calories and price per portion:

– control ready meal (waffles, burgers, peas):  515 kcal and 55p

– original recipe (with bacon): 600 kcal and 94p

– our recipe: 485kcal and 20p

The winner here is clear. Another modification we are planning is to put the mixture into a muffin tin to save us frying it and to further reduce the calories by skipping most of the oil. This way the fritters will become nearly as quick as the ready meal and, at third of the price, definitely worth it. We will also try adding herbs from the window sill to further jazz up the batter. If anyone tried it with bacon and tomatoes, let me know how that turned out.