Enemy of the British public

And so we go again: skivers vs strivers. Guardian says that George Osborne is going to make a speech trying to convince the public that the benefit system is bloated and broken and that workers should unite against the workshy scroungers and everything will be hunky dory sometime soon.

“For too long, we’ve had a system where people who did the right thing – who get up in the morning and work hard – felt penalised for it, while people who did wrong thing got rewarded for it. That’s wrong.”

There are two problems with that statement: there are not enough jobs to go round* and some people cannot work because of health issues. It appears that being sick is the wrong thing to do. What now?

Being against the demolition of the benefit system means being against the British public. This sounds uncannily like sort of reverse Communist propaganda (esp when it comes to their choice of vocabulary). I have a vested interest in the benefits system as it allows me to pay my rent, buy food as well as electricity and gas. It must have something to do with the entitlement culture they keep talking about – I seem to think I am entitled to shelter, food and warmth. As if I was a human and the Declaration of Human Rights actually protected me.

* Very often, even if there is a job ad, you cannot take it because you cannot commute for five hours a day and you could not afford the fares anyway  You cannot move because you cannot afford it either.

PS How funny that WordPress and Google spell-checkers rejected “workshy”, “strivers” and “skivers”. Newspeak or what?