ATOS losing monopoly is not good news

It is not bad news either. The government is simply looking for a scapegoat to justify the appalling outcomes of the work capability assessments. It will also allow them to spend some more money in the name of saving it and then complain that the benefit bill is spiralling out of control.

Every Atos recommendation is reviewed by the holy and inaccessible Decision Maker. Why have they not picked up on the flaws within the reports? Why was an action not taken sooner? Why are they not being punished for it? Because the reports are not the problem here. A written summary of a document that records incorrect answers will be flawed by necessity. The company is paid to say you are fit as a fiddle – they have to lie somewhere to ensure that they get the targets required by their client.

The problem is within the work capability assessment itself. As long as there are targets, tick-boxes and presumption of scrounger-ence, no amount of written report improvement will change anything. They will just find a different way to deny us the help we need. In the meantime, more people will be put into destitution and more people will die while the public rejoices that something is being done and something is finally changing. It’s not. It’s just the royal birth preventing us from seeing this smoke screen for what it is.