Britain. Britain above all!

The Conservatives, humbled by the local elections results, decided to copy UKIP’s success and play on yet another division in the society: natives vs immigrants.

You know what those pesky foreigners are like: they don’t integrate with the society, they take our jobs and come here only for our supreme benefits and healthcare. They even claim child benefit despite their children remaining in their native countries. They have huge families and take our council houses away from us. They work below the minimum wage. They are illegally employed. They don’t work – just claim benefits.

So the new plan, to be unveiled next week, is to deny them access to the benefits and healthcare. That will teach them! It will also help wrestle some seats away from the UKIP. It’s not like the immigrants can vote so it doesn’t really matter what they have to say.

The stress all immigrants are going through at the moment must be immense. Some of them have been here for years. They built their lives here, started families and fully identify with Britain and the British way of life. They are just like us. However, they will become second-class citizens overnight.

Now imagine you are an immigrant but don’t even think about yourself in such categories because you have been here for so long. The new changes mean you are pretty much left hung out to dry should something go wrong. You lose your job – rely on your savings. You become disabled – go back to your country. You have any medical needs (infection, chronic condition, pregnancy, whatever) – pay for the NHS or go private.

We are the only country to continue meeting our obligations when it comes to overseas aid – others cut it because of the austerity measures. It results in a ridiculous situation – we spend billions every year on foreign aid but the foreigners in our own country will end up living in third-world conditions. It will probably save us money but the cost might be too high.

On the streets, we will see the immigrants’ starving children who speak perfect English because they were born here and do not know another life. The immigrants will live in a Dickensian world of penury, servitude and abuse. Maternal and infant deaths will increase exponentially. Epidemics of polio, scarlet fever, tuberculosis and other diseases that are treatable or preventable will once again become commonplace. We will witness it all and it will affect us one way or another.

What are the existing immigrants supposed to do? They won’t qualify for healthcare or benefits in their own countries because they haven’t worked there recently. They might not even have enough saved up to move let alone take their possessions with them. Staying and leaving are equally bad options. All on the basis of having been born in the wrong country and wanting to improve their lot.

It’s the perfect recipe for a homogeneous nation without going against the EU rules and without using direct violence. Had the Nazis used such diplomatic means instead of gas chambers, they would have been ruling the world by now. No need to tighten borders – they will all die out within a few generations.