We are all in it together

The benefits are cut left, right and centre. There is little transitional protection offered in most cases. Some rules are even applied retrospectively (eg limiting contribution-based ESA to one year). As ever, those who have it better, will have it better for longer (possibly for ever) because that’s how the “we are all in it together” works.

The Telegraph talks about the amazing perks enjoyed by civil servants:

  • letting civil servants in London work an hour less than others because it takes longer to get to work
  • work nine-day fortnights by cutting short their lunch breaks and staying in their offices until 6pm
  • extra two and a half ‘privilege’ days off every year
  • six weeks’ annual leave plus eight bank holidays

 “Some terms and conditions are contractual and cannot be changed while civil servants are in post, which is why departments may choose to change them for new entrants or those on promotion.”

Well, why don’t you do what any self-respecting private employer would do: present the new contract and the employee can take it or leave it. With the salaries being frozen or cut all over the place, I have little sympathy for the civil servants’ plight.