The Queen tells Cameron to get the fu…

I have just received my first feedback on my blog. It is telling me to spice things up. Whilst I value their opinion, I don’t think I could ever implement the changes suggested.

I do not use pictures or videos to avoid copyright infringements. I also hate it when there’s a picture that has nothing to do with the post (eg: Here’s a tree. A similar tree was probably seen thousands of times by the victim). It’s a personal preference – my PC is very slow.

As for intriguing headlines – they would have to be misleading. Personally, I detest headlines like: “The Queen tells Cameron to get the fu…” and then the article invariably says that “according to our sources the Queen asked the PM to get the fumigators in as she suspects beetle infestation”. Then it turns out it wasn’t the Queen but the groundskeeper. He asked the head of staff, not the PM. And it was not about fumigators but whether he can have a day off to take his VW Beetle for a spin. I do not want to waste your time, you see what you get. I am not going to make you read my blog under false pretences.

I am glad you think that “Enemy of the British public | Workshy Scrounger” is boring. I did not come up with it – the government did. I too am fed up reading the same stuff over and over again. The blog is meant to educate people. Question: How do you afford your Sky and plasma on benefits? The truth: you cannot even afford tv licence, never mind premium programmes. Question: What’s the difference between cold weather payments and winter fuel payments? Fact: the first one is for the working age claimants, the second for pensioners.

Your comments are very spot on for a commercial venture. However, this blog is not for profit. It is here to allow me to let the steam off and so that I can write one piece and use it for comments across the board. If I wanted to be like Yahoo or MSN, I would have made this post into a ten-page presentation (picture plus sentence) interspersed with an ad every other page. You would have spent 10 minutes reading this (allowing for buffering) instead of the two minutes it actually took.

Thank you though and I hope you will follow me if you are interested in what I have to say.