I am all for free speech but will not suffer fools gladly. Your comment will be deleted if it falls under any of the following categories:

I know someone who claims benefits and they have a job – do your civic duty and report them instead of writing about it here.

You all just want to watch your Sky telly while drinking cider and injecting marijuana in your eyeballs – why is it always Sky? Why not Virgin or BT? This is just a stereotype – forget about it. Anyone who can afford all that and have their home heated and have some food in the cupboards obviously has another source of income. You cannot have that on benefits unless you grow all of your food, have livestock and a thriving bartering relationship with your neighbours. Or very generous parents.

– Everybody is disabled now – bad back or “depression” – go get one then and join us on the breadline – see for yourself how much fun we are having.