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Five years ago, I was just a regular twenty-something making a career in IT. I liked my job, was happy with my salary and didn’t really have any specific plans – just keep on going. Then the disease struck. I fought it for a long time but finally had to give up working.

For the past three years, I have been meekly listening to everybody having a go at the disabled, the unemployed and the poor in general. Those who never took a day off in their lives and paid all their taxes apparently no longer want to support people like me because it is unfair that they work and I don’t. They do not understand that they could end up in my position at any time – tomorrow or next year.

I am sick of the anti-benefit claimants propaganda. Minimal wage is not a living wage and will not be such for a long time. Inflation is much higher for the poor (just look at the basket of goods they use to calculate it). The poor do pay taxes: VAT, which hits us much more harshly than those better off. Most of us want to work but either cannot find a job or cannot work because of health conditions. Finally, living on benefits is not plain sailing. If you know someone who is claiming benefits fraudulently, report them immediately.