Nothing new to report, sadly

by workshyscrounger

It’s been quite a while since I abandoned my blog. My personal situation didn’t change. Despite the DWP’s high hopes, I’m still disabled and still on the breadline overly generous and undeserved benefits. I stopped writing because I thought I hadn’t had anything more to say until I’ve read a series of articles on hunger among children. If the children are going hungry, I can’t bear to think about what their parents must be going through.

While austerity is to be blamed, I couldn’t help but notice mentions of yesterday’s takeaways and bars of chocolate. I cannot afford to support the Christmas appeal but what I can do is share my recipes.

What not to expect:

  • instagram-worthy dishes – it’s mostly gloopy comfort food
  • nice pictures in general – my camera is ancient, my skills – non-existent, the light in the kitchen – poor

What to expect:

  • tasty and filling food under £2 a day*
  • adult-sized portions
  • ingredients that are easily obtainable in the major supermarkets
  • adequate protein
  • fruit and veg

* This might be misleading for two reasons.

I now have a well-stocked food cupboard with various beans, grains and spices. If I use 60g of rice from a £1 500g packet, then that comes to 12p. I’m well aware that were my cupboards bare, I would have had to spend a whole pound which could crush my budget. If you are in that situation, let me know and we will work something out.

I also have a pressure cooker (bought in the glory days of Clubcard double-up events and while we still had Tesco nearby that I visited for the 10p reductions every night). It makes cooking beans hassle-free and it saves money – a 500g pack of dried chickpeas in Asda costs 75p. It will produce well over a kilogram of cooked beans. The cheapest tinned chickpeas are 35p for 240g (drained weight). So to get the a kilogram of tinned beans, I would have had to spend over £1.5. (I’m not counting electricity because it goes out of another pot of money. In any case, 35 minutes of running the 1100W pressure cooker costs less than eight pence.) The pressure cooker paid for itself very quickly.