More money than sense

by workshyscrounger

I read two articles in the Daily Mail today that made me wonder whether the middle class are a different species. One woman complains that she is so poor, she cannot afford a Starbucks’ latte. The other cleans her house with premium food items.

Ursula feels bad that even though her four sons have their own rooms, they cannot “enjoy the trappings of wealth she had growing up”. I feel sorry for her. Not because she is “stuck” in her £1m house (half of which is already paid off) and cannot afford to shop in Waitrose but because she cannot see what she does have. A healthy family. A roof over her head. And bargain food in her larder – I bet you she has a larder and not a simple cupboard. Aldi and Lidl constantly win in blind taste trials. For a tenner she can fix her boots just by replacing the soles. It’s her soul that needs mending and she cannot even see that.

Amanda started cleaning her house with food items. You can clean a painting with a slice of bread. You can clean your toilet with cola. It’s a great idea but why use premium items? Kingsmill, Coca Cola and Sarsons are reserved for Christmas in my house. If we can live on value items, surely she could clean with them just as well. How she is saving money, I don’t know. I spend about £1.5 a month on cleaning products. Bleach, cream cleaner, multipurpose cleaner, toilet cleaner and pine disinfectant – all value, of course. Once every three years I splash out on a posh oven cleaner (£2). What else do you need? What was she using before?

I have been craving a grapefruit for a while. However, where I live, they cost 50p a pop and I cannot justify the expense even as a healthy 5-a-day measure because it’s over a quarter of my daily food budget and won’t keep me full for long. She cleans her oven with it.

How can these women feel for people who really are on the breadline?