Childhood depression

by workshyscrounger

This post is inspired by Same Difference.

I think in the past depressed kids were labelled as “shy” and that was that. Or it was “puberty” – you know what teenagers are like. Surely, they have nothing to be depressed about – it’s the best time of your life. Wait till you have to toil all day and have to deal with the bills and the taxman and that boss of mine. When I was your age…

It’s good that childhood depression is finally being recognised, even if little is being done about it.

I think we could start by treating children with dignity. Just look at the case study of Ben:

Ben has become reluctant to visit his dad’s new home. His mum often has to put him in the car screaming and crying.

Why can no other arrangements be made to suit the child? Meet the dad in Ben’s mum’s home, a cafe or a park. Or let him not see his dad for a while to give him time to work through his feelings. Taking away any vestiges of control Ben has over his life is not going to help his anxiety.

Can you imagine forcibly picking your partner up and taking them to visit their parent whether they like it or not? Can you imagine having your boss tell you to go to the locker room and change in front of all of your colleagues? Being made to perform forward flips in front of that woman who is never nice to you? One, two, three. Don’t be a clutz – lift that leg higher.

It was bad enough when I was a kid. Nowadays, there is always someone there to film it all and make it spread like wildfire on social networking sites. Just look how her belly jiggles. Look how useless he is at football. Quiet, children.

I am so happy to be an adult.