God’s dad needs a break

by workshyscrounger

There is a guy on Facebook who calls himself God. He labels himself as a comedian and some of his posts might seem irreverent to true believers. He is preaching the kind of religion I could associate with: full of humour, tolerance and love. Some of his followers claim he saved their lives.

After an insurance company failed to pay out on God’s mother’s death, he started a crowd funding project in order to give his dad a holiday of a lifetime. As the target was quickly reached, he is now asking to help pay off his dad’s mortgage as well. I believe he will get there. (At the same time, the supporters are flooding the insurance company’s Facebook page with messages.)

It makes me wonder though – people are giving their money to an internet persona they only know through social media. At the same time, we have astonishing levels of poverty and malnutrition in our country. Why can we not be as successful as the Facebook god?

At least twice this year, people marched on the Parliament. I never knew about it as it was not reported by the mainstream media. There are countless petitions against the benefit changes and they end up with a couple of thousand signatories on average. That’s not enough to make an impact.

Let’s get organised. Let’s use the democracy to our advantage. I am not calling for a revolution. Civil unrest will only hurt us – those at the bottom of society. However, there are peaceful ways to stand up against what is happening to us. We only need to stand together.