I actually had kale only yesterday

by workshyscrounger

I read another ridiculous article about Jack Monroe. If I was her, I would take Mr Littlejohn to court. It will undoubtedly harm the sales of her book – just have a look at the comments underneath.

What shocked me even more than the outright lies is his comment about Jack’s kale pesto pasta:

This is a typical Guardianista’s idea of what ‘ordinary people’ should eat. Do they really think the ‘poor’ are going to sit down in front of The Great British Bake Off on their 52-inch, taxpayer-funded plasma TVs, and tuck into a plate of Kale Pesto Pasta?

I am poor. I am an ordinary person. Yesterday, we got a bag of kale reduced to 10p and we had some leftover rice. So we made egg-fried rice with kale. The cost was 10p a portion or thereabouts. It was healthy and tasted really good. Needless to say, we did not eat it in front of our 52” plasma (do they even make them that big?) because we do not have one.

Kale is just a type of cabbage. It even comes pre-sliced. It was like assembling a ready meal and Jack’s pesto is just as easy (blend and serve). What is the big deal about eating kale?  Sadly, none of the readers realised that since they are ordinary people, they are being offended, too:

For a start, those whom the Guardianistas disdain as ‘ordinary people’ don’t eat pasta — they eat spaghetti out of tins. Most of them will have never heard of kale, let alone eaten it.

Perhaps, this is why I mainly read the Guardian.