Immigrants on the dole – shame on you

by workshyscrounger

Papers are full of stories about those dreadful immigrants. They come over, take all the jobs or worse – they just sit on the dole:

They found many were happy with how ‘pleasant’ the unemployment centres were, and how little they questioned them. Many admitted they do not speak the language.

Obviously, we are not talking about Britain – Jobcentres are anything but pleasant – but about Britons in Germany. Daily Mail reports that over 10,000 Brits in Germany claim out-of-work benefits. It means that 10% of the total expat population are workshy scroungers.

‘Expat’ is a word with nice connotations – you just see a tanned, smiling grandad tending to plump tomatoes in his Spanish villa enjoying his well-deserved retirement after a life of hard, honest labour.

An immigrant is that young, shifty guy from some inferior country always scheming, using some gibberish language and eating weird things.

The British are always expats. Other countries should welcome British gentlemen and ladies with open arms. They should support them, if they fall on hard times. They should give them access to healthcare. They should treat them with respect and compassion. However, foreign nationals living in Britain – now,  they are immigrants and should be sent back to where they came from. Yes, even the 1680 Germans claiming benefits in Britain. Makes perfect sense.