Be counted

by workshyscrounger

There’s a new disability rights group on FB: Disabled UK – time to unite together and be heard. Their aim is to make a stand so that the disabled people’s plight is finally noticed:

Do realize that for a official government website petition to be heard by the back bench of parliament it only takes 100,000 signatures in the last year none of the petitions which benefit the disabled have been signed by more than 20,000 people? That’s poor when the UK consists of:
– 1.3 million disabled people
– 500,000 people that receive carers allowance
and if you take into account that MOST of the 1.8 million disabled people and carer put together have at least 2 members of living family who will support their cause, that’s another 3.6 million people.

If you are disabled or a carer or simply do not buy into the anti-disability propaganda, join the group, help out with the petitions and see our world change for the better.