Are they trying to kill us off?

by workshyscrounger

Another blow to the poor – Asda corned beef horse recalled back in March tested positive for phenylbutazone. It’s ok though as the doses are really low and do not pose a risk to human health:

a person would have to eat up to 600 burgers, containing 100% horsemeat, every day to come close to consuming a human’s daily dose of the drug

Fair enough – that’s the daily dose. However, the drug is banned from human use altogether. Does that not mean there is no safe dose of bute?

What angers me even more is the rich folk blaming the meat scandal on the poor demanding low prices. Of course, I would rather buy stuff from farmers’ markets or my local butchers. I do know the difference between a venison steak and a value burger but so does my bank balance. Just because I am poor, it does not mean it’s ok to sell illegal meat that is contaminated with banned drugs.

The meat scandal also raises other questions – if it is so easy for the suppliers to provide horsemeat instead of beef, how safe is our food? Are the health and safety procedures followed at all? Do they even wash their hands?

You might think you do not eat processed products but you do. What’s in your bread? Some loaves contain flour that was treated using E920 manufactured from human hair. Fish bladders are used in the manufacture of some beers and ales. Even not all fruit juices are vegan-friendly. Sugar (ingredients: sugar 100%) might have been purified using bone char. We just don’t know and they are unlikely to tell us.